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Spooktacular Halloween Makeup Looks to Haunt and Delight

Spooktacular Halloween Makeup Looks to Haunt and Delight

Halloween is just around the corner, and at MYO we’re starting to plan our costumes and makeup for the spookiest night of the year. Whether you're attending a Halloween party, going trick-or-treating, or simply want to impress your friends and neighbors, a creative and eerie makeup look can take your costume from spooky to spooktacular. Here are five fantastic Halloween makeup looks that will leave a lasting impression and have everyone spellbound.

Classic Zombie:
The classic zombie look is always a hit on Halloween. To achieve this gruesome and terrifying transformation, start by applying a white or gray base all over your face. Next, use black, red, and green face paint to create hollowed-out eyes, rotting flesh, and oozing wounds. If you want to really add to the realism, then you can start with some liquid latex to create fleshy wounds and skin. Add some tattered clothes, disheveled hair, and a creepy stagger in your step, and your zombie has come to life!

Enchanting Witch:
Witches are a Halloween staple, and you can put a spellbinding twist on the classic witch look. Use a green or black face paint base and add a crooked nose, warts, and a witch's hat for a spooky witch transformation. For a more enchanting look, add some dramatic eye makeup and dark, bewitching lipstick. Finish off the look with a flowing black robe, a signature witch hat and don’t forget your broomstick.

The Classic Barbie:
This season the Barbie look has made pink the new it color. First create a base with a matte foundation to achieve that perfect, doll like skin. Create a fun and flirty eye look with soft or bold pinks, and lots of shimmer. To open your eyes, line the inner waterline with a white pencil and don’t forget to add some fluttery false lashes. Finish with a Barbie pink signature lip color, put on your favorite pink outfit and you’ll be ready to dance the night away!

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Calavera:
Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday celebrated with vibrant, colorful calavera (sugar skull) makeup. This look is a celebration of life and a perfect choice for Halloween. Start with a white or pale base, then add intricate designs of colorful flowers, hearts, and cobweb patterns around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Complete the look with black eyeliner and dark lips. This look is all about being creative so the more detail, the better!

Frightening Vampire:
Vampires are eternal Halloween favorites, and you can create a spooky and alluring vampire look with some makeup magic. Achieve the look with pale foundation or face paint, dark and smoky eyes, and red, blood-like lips. Add some fake fangs and finish with a high-collared cape or elegant, Gothic clothing. A little fake blood around the mouth can give your vampire an extra bite!

We hope these five Halloween makeup looks provide plenty of inspiration for a memorable and spine-tingling Halloween celebration. Remember to practice your chosen look in advance to ensure a flawless transformation on the big night. And, most importantly, have fun with your Halloween makeup, as creativity and originality are the keys to making your costume stand out. For the perfect SFX or makeup touch up, the MYO Pro Travel Case and makeup pods can carry small sizes of all the makeup you’ll need to stay frightening and fresh. Whatever costume you chose to be this year, we hope you have a safe and spooktacular Halloween. Happy Halloween!