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Inside the Actor's Bag (Mastering Organization and Cleanliness with multiple actors)

Inside the Actor's Bag (Mastering Organization and Cleanliness with multiple actors)

Guest Post by: Amber Michael. 

Amber is a professional makeup artist specializing in multiple genres -TV/Film, FX, Beauty and Body Painting, her work is breath-taking! see -> LINK.  An IATSE 798 member working on major film productions and television series as Makeup Department Head and distinguished Makeup Designer.  Based in Atlanta, GA, Amber's work takes her travelling the globe. Amber's Instagram @ambermichaelart. 

Inside the Actor's Bag - Mastering Organization and Cleanliness with multiple actors

I've received numerous requests to reveal how I assemble 'actor bags' for major film sets, commercials, and more. It's an activity I thoroughly enjoy! (Shoutout to my Virgo moon!) So, let's get started!

The Vivian is my preferred set bag and my staple choice, particularly when I'm exclusively attending to one or two actors. See how I carry everything to set and help alleviate any nagging anxieties by reading this previous blog post here!

(Above) The Vivian, decked out with the MYO Cosmetic On Set Cases for two actors.

The efficiency of the Vivian is significantly enhanced by utilizing MYO Pro On Set Touch Up Cases, one for each actor (see below). These cases are magnetic and can hold an extensive amount of makeup. The magnetic pan also serves as a palette for blending makeup, which can be easily wiped clean and sanitized daily.


If you're managing more than two actors, individual 'actor bags' are essential. With a variety of options out there, I'm sharing what works for me: for multiple actors, I tend to use a Hinza Tote (see below) to carry each person's bag, all neatly organized inside. When you arrive to set, anyone from your team can easily jump in for a touch-up, by grabbing the needed actor bag and heading in for last looks!

See below for a step-by-step guide on building an ‘Actor Bag’ and how to store and carry them all to set with ease!


And... cut! Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes action. A new blog post premieres every Friday brimming with savvy advice, clever techniques, and exclusive conversations with the veterans of the industry. Stay tuned!! Follow along on Instagram, YouTube and coming soon to Spotify!

Until next time! -Amber Michael