M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases


In 2013/15, I purchased of a new brand of makeup for myself and daughters, that offered the option to purchase only what we needed packaged in single pans. The initial storage container for our new eyeshadows, blush and brow color, was a magnetic based cardboard case with lid that didn’t stay closed. Thus, ensued the search for a securely latching magnetic-based cosmetic case to store, and travel with, our newly investment of makeup. 

Not finding a solution in the mainstream beauty world, I turned to the pro's to find a solution and in my research, I also found opportunities to improve the efficiency of professional makeup artists. Upon this realization, with a twenty year background as a Corporate Consultant assisting business improve efficiencies through their people – I focused my attention on finding the perfect solution. 

This led to a collaboration with professional, award winning makeup artists, eco-minded young people and with people and planet in mind, I blended my work process, with our makeup case dilemma to innovate the MYO Cosmetic Case. – 3 prototypes later - 

Offering pro and consumer models, every aspect of our case design is intentional; build for longevity, lightweight and with the ability to be refillable, reusable, sanitize-able and recyclable/upcycle through our take back program. Our case supports a minimalistic approach to makeup while accommodating multiple types—pan, pencils, liners, makeup accessories and in our proprietary magnetic M·Y·O Makeup Pods cream, liquids, powders, eyelashes and more. Making Makeup Life Easier! 

Launching in January 2018, our MYO Pro Kit is already being used on 1000's of TV/Film sets as a hygienic touch-up tool saving valuable time on set.  Made in Canada of FDA Compliant Food and Medical grade materials, easy to clean and sanitize, keeping makeup hygienic, is one of several reasons why it is a coveted product seen in the hands of top make-up artists in not only TV/Film, but in celebrity, bridal, backstage on Broadway at Fashion Week and behind the scenes at photoshoots for publications such as Elle, Allure, and Vanity Fair. Actors/Talent/Clients/Models LOVE having a MYO Pro Kit ‘just for them’ and now with COVID-19, even more so. 

The most used word from MUA’s include: absolutely genius – game changer – industry disruptor.

All in the family: My one daughter is a certified professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist and both my daughters do a fair bit of background work in TV/Film. They have been seen on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, SnowPiercer, Godfrey and more. 

Purpose driven: We are a committed eco-conscious company as from day one, "In designing our M·Y·O Cosmetic Case, and with two Gen Z daughters at home, I not only wanted to offer a functional solution (product?), I wanted to be part of our futures solution." -Suzanne Carter. 


Working to reduce the more than 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging produced globally, 

the majority of which end up in our landfills. (2018 stats)


M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases is signatory to the New Plastic Economy Global Commitment and a B Corp Certified company. We are part of a community working together to create a movement towards positive change through a network of mission-driven businesses. We don't just think about incorporating social and environmental practices, we do it every day of the year.