M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases


Thank you for your interest in M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases Makeup Artist Pro-Discount Program.

Who is eligible: Working professional makeup artists and students.

Program cost: None.

Product discount: 20% off purchases for working professionals, and 15% off purchases for students currently enrolled in at least 120 hours of makeup courses.

Valid: Discount valid 2 years for working professionals and 1 year for students from the date of acceptance into our program.

How to apply: 

  1.  PLEASE EMAIL the following to: myocosmeticcases@gmail.com
  2. Upload two pieces of identification from the following list:
  • Magazine Tear Sheet (with name credit)
  • Valid Union Card
  • Executed Contract
  • Call or Tear Sheet (with name credit) on Production Company Letterhead
  • Professional Website with Portfolio
  • Current Business License
  • Agency Listing
  • Bridal Network Listing
  • IMDB Credit
  • Letter of Employment
  • Diploma


  • Makeup Artists Enrollment Documents
  • Valid Student ID Card
  • Letter of Reference from Instructor (include your program hours)
Terms and Conditions: 


The MYO Cosmetic Cases Makeup Artists Pro-Discount is valid only for purchases made on www.myocosmeticcases.com and no other retail environments.  The MYO Makeup Artists Pro-Discount cannot be combined with any specials, discounts, promotional or sale items.  The MYO Makeup Artists Pro-Discount is currently available to artists and students in Canada and the United States. Only the individual whom the Pro-Discount was issued can use it.  In the event that the Pro-Discount is used in a manner which violates the program, MYO Cosmetic Cases Inc. reserves the right to inactivate that individual’s Pro-Discount.  MYO Cosmetic Cases reserves the right to modify the program and its benefits at any time without prior notification.