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A Guide to Doing Your Makeup For Music Festivals

A Guide to Doing Your Makeup For Music Festivals

With the return of music festivals worldwide, free spirits and music enthusiasts aren’t the only ones celebrating. As Tatlerasia.com puts it, the fashion and makeup styles that grace the scene are as highly anticipated as the performing artists and their setlists. So if you’ve saved up for tickets and started planning your looks, what better time to refresh your festival makeup looks than now?


All about that base

The first step is the most important: a good base goes a long way. To start, apply an oil-free moisturizer to stave off premature sheen. You’ll be sweating the whole day, so there’s no need to look that dewy early on. Afterwards, put on a layer of SPF and foundation.


While liquid foundations are go-tos, opting for a weightless powder will better result in a matte finish. This is key for full-day outdoor activities, as opposed to its counterpart, powder foundations won’t melt in the heat. To complete your base and for longer wear, use a setting spray like Urban Decay’s All Nighter.


Shining, shimmering, splendid

The easiest way to steal the show is through color, especially on or around the eyes. Glitter does it best, but instead of applying it to your eyes, how about putting it on your brows? Prime them with brow gel and use a finger or brush to gently pat the glitter on.


For your lashes, tinted mascara can give you an extra color lift. Try playing around with color blocking or matching your mascara with your eyeshadow. If you want to make your eyes pop even more, use linear paint, alone or layered on your eyeshadow. Experiment with shapes such as dots and lines, or freestyle it up with butterflies–a trend which Elle.in says is here to stay.


Glow on the gem 

If you desire a literal glow, face gems are the answer. According to Vogue.com, using different sizes and colors make for a magical, multidimensional look. Use the gems to frame specific features like your eyebrows or cheekbones. This will accentuate them beautifully.


Tiny rhinestones, in particular, add a subtle flare. Spread them across the area between your eyelid and brow. Remember to use curve-tipped tweezers and some lash glue, such as the Lilly Lashes Clear Brush-On Lash Adhesive. Alternatively, you can scatter them a la winged eyeliner under your brow for an avant-garde take.


Lips of an angel 

Thanks to the Y2K trend, lip gloss has made a fashionable comeback. More than a whole lot of shine, Prettyme.ph praises new and improved variations of the beauty detail for offering a tint of color, hydration, and smoothness. Glosses such as the Fenty Beauty Gloss are eye-catchingly perfect for the runway–or a whole day under the sun.


If you want to level it up some more, consider this: you’ve heard of ombré hair and ombré eyeshadow, but what about ombré lips? Pulling this fun look off is pretty easy. Take a thick lip liner and trace your pout. Then, apply matte lipstick before finishing off with some lip gloss and smacking those lips together.


More is more

With countless Pinterest posts and TikTok reels to gather inspiration from, you’ll never run out of looks to try. Each requires a handful of products, which can make touch-ups on the go challenging. To make touch-ups easier and more convenient, we at Myocosmeticcases.com suggest customizable, multipurpose makeup palettes so you can carry what you need without lugging what you don’t–especially if you plan to rock it out.


No matter what look you go with for your next music fest (Coachella this April, anyone?) remember: your face is your canvas–draw it as you wish.



Written exclusively for myocosmeticcases.com

By Sashza Rain