M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases


How many products will fit in my M·Y·O Cosmetic Case?

MYO Cosmetic Cases are the size of a large smartphone and can accommodate approximately 15 pans of eye shadow (27 mm or 1 in round or square), along with a MYO Double Ended Eye Shadow Brush. Of course, MYO Cosmetic Cases are yours to customize as you wish and can be designed to hold whichever products you use most often, including liquids, powders and creams using the MYO Makeup Pods. Interior size of case: 140mm x 90mm or 5.5in x 3.5in.

How to fix cracked pressed powder pan makeup?

How do I care for my M·Y·O Cosmetic Case and Makeup Pods?

Will you be offering other colours?

How long will makeup products stay fresh in my M·Y·O Makeup Pods?

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