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‘Wednesday’ Makeup Artist Uses MYO Palette for Jenna Ortega’s Makeup Touch-Up Kit

‘Wednesday’ Makeup Artist Uses MYO Palette for Jenna Ortega’s Makeup Touch-Up Kit

The world’s latest Netflix obsession Wednesday is not only Tim Burton’s fascinating homage to the Addams Family — it’s also a beauty lover’s dream.

From Wednesday’s soft-goth makeup and hair, to Bianca’s subtle siren scales, as well as Enid’s pops of rainbow, the students of Nevermore Academy brought beauty inspiration with every scene.

Can’t forget the grownups, too —shout out to Morticia’s full vampy goth glam, as well as Weems’ stunning Old Hollywood beauty. Lead Hair and Makeup Designer Tara Macdonald, along with her team of talented artists, created iconic TV makeup looks that have the internet abuzz — from #wednesdaycore trending on TikTok to Vogue Singapore’s recent beauty writeup. We take you inside the makeup artists’ kits on set to learn how to recreate some iconic looks from Wednesday.


Jenna Ortega's tv and film makeup touch up kit


How to achieve Wednesday Addams’ iconic soft-goth pout

Jenna Ortega’s transformation into Wednesday Addams was executed flawlessly by Makeup Artist Nirvana Jalalvand, under the direction of Lead Artist Tara MacDonald. In a recent Instagram post, Nirvana revealed her trio of products she used to create this signature lip. Begin with a lip scrub, and then line the lips with a deep purple lip liner (MAC ‘Nightmoth’, to be exact). Be sure to fill in the outer corners of the lips as well. Finally, buff a lip balm (Dr. PAWPAW Original Clear Lip Balm) in with the fingers to soften the liner and add matte hydration to the lips. 


Nirvana also shared how she blends products on-the-go for the perfect custom lip shade for Jenna Ortega. “Finding Wednesdays perfect lip colour at a consistency we liked was a process 😂 so I ended up combining @maccosmetics Nightmoth lipliner and @dr.pawpaw decanted and mixed down into a pot to get it just right. That way we could have the perfect Nightmoth shade, but in a lipstick form, as we didn’t want a solid opaque colour.”

Psst…keep scrolling to see Jenna Ortega’s exact on-set touch-up kit!


Tara McDonald’s Makeup Artist Team used MYO Palettes as a makeup touch-up kit on set

We absolutely love to see MYO products being used for TV and film makeup — after all, MYO products were designed with makeup pros in mind. Our makeup palettes offer customizable, streamlined makeup touch-up kits for TV and film makeup artists.

Why? Because condensed touch-up kits allow MUAs to quickly and easily make adjustments to the actor's makeup. This is especially important in the fast-paced environment of TV and film production, where makeup needs to be constantly touched-up between takes to maintain a consistent appearance—and in TV production, every second counts. 

The exact products used in Jenna Ortega’s touch-up kit on Wednesday

Hair and Makeup Artist Nirvana Jalalvand shared a photo of Jenna Ortega’s customized touch-up kit for Wednesday, and we were thrilled to see her using a MYO Companion Palette! With a little bit of internet digging (and insights from beauty influencer Cat Quinn for eyes, lips, and contour), we were able to identify nearly every product in Jenna Ortega’s custom makeup touch-up palette. 


Jenna’s Wednesday touch-up kit included the following products in a single MYO Companion Palette — all in the palm of your hand:

  • MAC ‘Nighmoth’ Lip Liner — stored in a MYO Small Pod
  • Dr. PawPaw Original Clear Lip Balm — stored in a MYO Small Pod
  • MYO Medium Pod for mixing lip balm & liner for the perfect pout
  • MAC ‘Script’ Eyeshadow
  • MAC ‘Carbon’ Eyeshadow
  • MAC ‘Glitch’ in the Matrix Eyeshadow
  • A fourth mystery flesh-toned Eyeshadow 
  • MAC StudioFix Sculpt and Shape Contour in ‘Sculpt’
  • MAC Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour in ‘Shadowy’
  • An unidentified translucent powder

We’d like to give a huge shout out to Nirvana not only for her flawless hair and makeup work on Wednesday’s star Jenna Ortega, but also for her transparency in sharing her on-set secrets.

TV and film makeup is a highly competitive field, where artists are more prone to gatekeeping than sharing their techniques. We celebrate Nina’s refreshing openness, and LOVE that MYO played a role in her on-set flow.

Nirvana raved about the MYO palette in a comment, saying “Honestly, they helped us out so much!!” We are honored to be part of such an iconic show that’s making waves in style and beauty culture.


myo pro travel makeup case vs myo companion palette makeup palettes for tv and film makeup

MYO’s Pro Travel Case is the ultimate touch-up kit on-set

One note we’d love to share is that Nirvana used the MYO Companion Palette to Create Jenna Ortega’s custom touch-up kit. While this is a sleek, customizable case, it was designed more for organization and storage purposes.

However, we created the MYO Pro Travel Makeup Case specifically for on-set use! This customizable palette features ultra-durable plastic, with a shatter-proof rubber gasket to protect your makeup products. It offers an extra layer of protection for your beauty products when doing touch-ups on the fly. We recommend the MYO Pro Travel Case to all of our pros, and can’t wait to see what Tara and Nirvana create with them next!