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Are Cadence Capsules Too Bulky for Makeup? We Created the Best Magnetic Travel Containers for Beauty Lovers.

magnetic travel containers for makeup

Are Cadence Capsules too bulky for makeup products? We created the best magnetic travel containers for beauty lovers.

For most travelers, the process of narrowing down your luggage to its most streamlined and minimalist iteration is, well, a struggle. Packing the perfect number and range of outfits for your trip is a resume-worthy skill—one that can be further compressed with packing cubes, as any seasoned traveler will tell you.

However, the true magic of packing efficiently comes in condensing your cosmetics and toiletries. 

While some makeup and toiletries come in travel-sized options, most do not and we are forced to bring the full-size version, leading to bulky and disorganized packing. Too often, our makeup, skincare and toiletries kits wind up taking up way too much suitcase real estate and weight! Turns out, there’s a sleek solution to your toiletry overpacking you may not know about: magnetic travel containers.


makeup bags vs magnetic travel containers - which is best for traveling?


Traditional makeup bags vs. magnetic travel containers: which is best?

Any peruse through TJ Maxx will inevitably lead you to the travel toiletries case aisle, featuring all kinds of bags, compartments, and foldable hanging kits to tetris your travel cosmetics.

Even without knowing there’s an incredible, modern alternative, those traditional makeup and cosmetics bags feel bulky, old-school, and inefficient. They are often made of cheap plastic fabric, designed to be stuffed with a mixture of travel-sized and full-sized products until they’re bursting at the seams.

Often they only last a few trips before the plastic cracks or threads come loose. And with a design that’s been around for decades, are we really still rolling our products up in a football-sized toiletry sushi-roll, praying nothing leaks onto our clothes in transit?

There’s another way, ladies and gents. 

Magnetic travel containers are the modern solution to your bulky travel makeup and skincare caboodles. Similar to how packing cubes can condense a pile of sweaters into one sleek, contained compartment sized to your carry-on, magnetic containers streamline and downsize the bulk of traveling with cosmetics.

There are a few brands changing the game when it comes to traveling with makeup and toiletries, and they all offer self-contained, leak-proof container systems to hold your toiletry must-haves—minus the bulk. By holding a small amount of product, these containers allow you to take what you need, and leave the rest! Who wouldn’t want to save space, weight, and de-clutter at your destination with a simplified toiletry and makeup kit?


The absolute best way to travel with all your makeup and cosmetics

Take it from me, a beauty professional and travel junkie—when it comes to traveling light, magnetic travel containers are an absolute must-have. Since adapting my skincare, makeup and toiletries to magnetic travel container systems, I never have to worry about overpacking, or deciding which precious makeup, hair care, or skincare staple I need to live without on my trips.

The secret is in the depotting — aka downsizing your full-sized products into smaller containers. 

For higher volume items, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion (as well as supplements and jewelry), Cadence Capsules are the way to go. These deep-welled capsules come in a magnetic honeycomb shape, and can hold about a week’s worth of hair and body care products.

However, when it comes to makeup and skincare products, we think Cadence capsules are too big and bulky for beauty lovers.

Many skincare and makeup products only require small amounts to get the job done (think moisturizers, eye creams, lip masks, foundations, cream contours, lipsticks, etc). In these cases, much smaller magnetic containers are better for travelers.

MYO created the perfect solution for your on-the-go beauty needs: magnetic travel containers designed to hold smaller amounts of liquid, cream and powder products.

magnetic travel containers

This system of magnetic cases holds leak-proof magnetic makeup pods that you can fit liquid and cream beauty products into for weeks on end. They’re small enough to fit everything you need efficiently, while also being just roomy enough to hold product for your whole trip!

MYO’s Pro Travel Makeup Case holds several magnetic makeup pods—perfect for cream and liquid makeup, eyeshadows, powders, and more. The MYO Mini Case is smaller in size, but has a deeper well, holding up to 5 Deep Makeup Pods—ideal for skincare products like cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and even hair gel, curl cream. The deep pods can also house pills, supplements, or accessories like bobby pins, eyelashes, and contact lenses!


magnetic travel containers for makeup and beauty products


How to pack cosmetics like a pro using MYO’s magnetic travel system

Switching to MYO’s Pro Travel Makeup Case to pack your cosmetics will save time, space, and mental clutter. This system distills your beauty regimen down to its most simplified form, allowing you to bring more products and get ready in less time. Removing packaging clears space to focus only on what’s needed, allowing you to be the most streamlined and efficient beauty consumer ever!

For skincare and hair products, ration intentionally. There’s truly no need to bring the full-sized bottle of anything!  If you know you’ll be gone for four days, do exactly eight pumps of cleanser as well as moisturizer — four for AM, four for PM. Only bring four pumps of SPF, since it’s usually an AM-only product. 

Remember, we are going for efficiency and minimalism over everything else.

Major tip: We recommend switching your makeup routine to the MYO system before your trip, so that you can customize the palettes and makeup pods to your perfect makeup routine. Switching cream products (i.e. foundation, concealer, contour, blush, lipstick) to the makeup pods is easy—and you’ll find a little goes a long way!

Perhaps you’ll need to depot a few powder products like eyeshadows or bronzers to have everything you need for a full face. To find the brands that sell singular products in pan form, we created the ultimate guide to Refillable Makeup. These products will fit into our magnetic cases with no depotting required!

For certain beauty products like brow gels, mascaras, and brushes, you’ll need to bring a tiny bag, but you’ll be amazed at everything that you’ll fit into MYO’s magnetic travel system!

Above all, we suggest testing out your new setup prior. Get used to the MYO system in regular life, instead of figuring it out at midnight before your trip.
If you’re looking for new ways to become the most efficient traveler yet, magnetic travel containers are an absolute must. Condensing your makeup, skincare and toiletries will save you so much precious space, as well as cut down on the weight of your luggage, leaving more room for new purchases in your travels!

Beyond the travel benefits, switching to the MYO system for your everyday makeup will streamline your getting-ready routine like never before. Shop our collection today to begin your beauty efficiency journey and spark your creativity. Happy traveling!