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5 Tips to a Successful Morning Routine

5 Tips to a Successful Morning Routine

1. Leave your phone alone!

Picking up your phone first thing in the morning can pull you into the outside world when really… you need to be getting ready so you can join the outside world… on time!

2. Simplify your beauty regime

This can add valuable minutes to your hectic morning. Using a makeup organizer saves time searching for all your favourite eyeshadows and blushes by putting them in one convenient place.

3. Pick your outfit the night before

Take 10-15 minutes the night before to choose your outfit as it will save you time and keep you from making a rushed morning style blunder. Check the weather to ensure you choose appropriate clothing and shoes to be comfortable.

4. Wash, dry and style your hair the night before

Wash, dry and style your hair the night before and to prevent bedhead, try sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase. In the morning use a dry shampoo to liven up your hair you’ll only have to do minimal touch ups. A dry shampoo with a fresh scent can also assist to wake you up.

5. Organize your breakfast and lunch

A healthy breakfast is absolutely the most important meal as it fuels your body with energy and nutrients to start your day.  Decide what you’re having for breakfast and put out your breakfast utensils and food in the front of the fridge or on the counter. Prepare and pack up your lunch so you can just grab and go.

Lastly, commit, by committing to these tips you will make your life easier and your mornings far less stressful.