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The Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup Palettes

The Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup Palettes

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“If your makeup is disorganized, it’s also disorganized in your head,” says beauty organization guru Grishan Roof of Depot Chopra. A neat and orderly makeup station leaves space for creativity to unfold, while a cluttered one can feel a bit oppressive. When it comes to storing your beauty products, makeup palette organization can be one of the most challenging aspects. Eyeshadow, highlighter and blush palettes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes—from singles and quads to multi-color mega palettes. In this article, we share the best makeup palette organization tips for all kinds of storage options (both for beauty pros and the makeup-obsessed) to transform your makeup station into an oasis of inspiration.


how to organize makeup palettes at home 

Makeup Palette Organization at Home

So you have a stack of mismatched makeup palettes that’s ready to tip over at the slightest breeze. Same! Luckily, there are tons of makeup palette organizers available for every kind of drawer, shelf, and counter space available. Meet our current obsession, the iDesign Collection by Sarah Tanno (makeup artist to Lady Gaga). This modular system has everything you’ll need for makeup palette organization, as well as organizing lipsticks, pencils, foundations — even hair tools and skincare. 


For tidy counter space, we recommend Makeup Palette Organizer to vertically stack your palettes. It’s made of clear, recycled plastic available in both clear and smokey grey colorways. There’s also a smaller silicone version that comes in black and white. House your prettiest palettes in the front-facing display of the clear Plastic Cosmetics and Nail Polish Organizer, which also has a compartment for skincare or brushes. This one is also available in black and white silicone. We also love the Stori vertical organizer for an organized countertop. 


If you have cluttered drawer space, we love the Cosmetic Drawer Organizers, made of recycled plastic and available in clear white and smokey grey. You may need a few of these, depending on how many palettes and how much drawer space you have. This comprehensive 25-piece set is perfect for organizing all your drawer space at home. 


If all that’s available is some floor space, create your own makeup and skincare organizer with this full 7-Drawer Stacking Cosmetic Organizer Cart. Customize with inserts to organize makeup palettes, brushes, foundation, and more. This cart also comes with wheels for easy mobility, and all tiers can easily come un-stacked. There’s also a skinnier 5-Drawer Stacking Organizer Cart for a smaller footprint and about half the price. (Peep this video for a full restock tutorial from Sarah herself.) You can also customize this basic rolling cart from Amazon to hold all of your beauty products — just be sure to order the organizers separately.  


organize makeup by depotting

Organize Makeup Palettes by Depotting

Depotting is the process of transplanting makeup from its original packaging into magnetic palettes for more streamlined organization. To be clear, this option is not for the fainthearted!  The depotting process often involves heating the original palettes to melt the glue adhesive behind the makeup pans, and then popping the pans out using a spatula. Oftentimes this can result in accidentally breaking your powder products if done incorrectly, hence the warning. We turn to Depot Chopra for depotting best practices every single time — she offers tons of video tutorials on Instagram that are both educational and oddly satisfying. 

If you choose to depot your makeup, MYO has the perfect makeup palette organization system to house your transplanted beauty products. 

The MYO Companion Palette is an empty magnetic makeup palette, available in 3 depths (small, medium, and tall) to hold all your eyeshadows, baked powders, highlighters, and blushes. With a clear, frosted lid, you can easily see what’s inside without having to open the palette. MYO even makes mini, magnetic clamshell pod inserts to hold cream products and loose powders inside the Companion Palettes! The possibilities are endless.


Shop Makeup Refills for Easy Makeup Palette Organization

The best way to streamline your makeup palette organization is with the MYO Companion Palettes. Not only are they made from sturdy recycled plastics built to last, but they’re also sleek, easy to clean and organize, and have a strong magnetic base to keep your products safe.

It’s easy, economical, and eco-friendly to shop makeup refills for your MYO Makeup Palettes. These refills, also known as pan makeup, come without the packaging, so you can just pop them straight into your MYO magnetic makeup palettes. No depotting needed! Without the wasteful packaging, you’re doing your part as a conscious consumer to help the planet. Plus, pan makeup is often sold at a fraction of the cost of the full-size original. 

Check out this article for a full list of the best refillable makeup currently available from brands you love


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The Ultimate Makeup Palette Organization System: MYO Companion Palettes

With the MYO Makeup Organization system, your beauty products will be streamlined, safe, and super inspiring. With all your products organized in our Small, Medium and Tall Companion Palettes, your makeup collection will be a source of calm and inspiration. Here are a few best practices for further organizing your Companion Palettes for the ultimate streamlined makeup collection. 


Organizing MYO Companion Palettes

For sleek storage, we love Bags for Makeup Lightweight and Padded Bag. It’s the perfect size to stack all MYO Companion Palettes vertically. This durable zip-top bag is made of hearty fabric with a top handle for easy transport — perfect for makeup artists. The bag is lined with insulation to protect your palettes from the elements, and is perfect for easy cleaning.  


We always recommend labeling your palettes with a label-maker — like this Bluetooth-enabled one by Brother — so that you know exactly what each palette contains without having to pull it out. We love to organize by product (highlighters, baked powders, blushes, gel liners, etc). We further organize by finish — for example, shimmer vs. matte, cool vs. warm-toned eyeshadows. 

Store any product in our Tall, Medium and Small palettes. The Tall Companion Palette is perfect for domed, baked powders with some height — but you can also use our magnetic clamshell pod inserts in this palette to keep gel eyeliners and loose powders organized. The Medium and 
Small palettes are perfect for pressed powders, as well as pan makeup refills for cream products like foundations, concealers, highlighters, blushes and highlighters. 

For all your makeup needs, MYO Cosmetics Cases has the makeup palette organization products for you! We hope this article was helpful and you find something to help transform your space from cluttered to clear and inspiring!