Thank you’s

Every company has ‘their story’ and the creation of every story happens with the support of many people. I want to sincerely thank my story people, as they have given openly, freely and supportively to assist in the development and success of M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases®. – Kevin Harrington, uber successful Entrepreneur. Kevin, after my 45 second product pitch, your reaction to the M·Y·O Cosmetic Case, with your business savvy, was the inspiration to ‘go for it’! – Maxine Tatlonghari, Vanity Girl Hollywood Owner, Beauty Blogger, Trend Scout for Cosmoprof North America 2017.  Also, top 3 finalist in the 2016 Cosmoprof’s Beauty Pitch Competition with pitch panel expert, Kevin Harrington. Coincidence we’re connected? … meant to be : ) Thank you, for including M·Y·O in ‘The World’s 1st Jet-Setting Fashion Box’ alongside other amazing women entrepreneur brands – in June 2017 the first time it was guest curated by Maxine Tatlonghari. – Evelyn Affleck, Makeup Artist – Jennifer Wilson, Owner/Designer Organic Baby Clothes, Social Media Marketing Expert! – Karine Bengualid, Copywriter – Bunny, Entrepreneur and COO Ellebox

BCIT – Sara Kandathil and Darshana Dave, Entrepreneurial Services Manager/Coordinator – Rebecca Coleman, Social Media Guru – Candace Grenier, Cosmetics Company Owner – LeiLani, Makeup Artist to Celebrities and Cosmetic Company Owner – Dana Gordon, LLB – Owner/Senior Counsel – Julie Bogle, Lawyer at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP – Allison Boulton, International Trade, Marketing and Business Development Expert – Jacquie Johnston, CEO, Accounting Expert – Ivan Ho, CEO IMV Business, Web Marketing Expert – Daryl Hatton, CEO Fundrazr – Ellie Gershman, Brand Strategist | Branding Specialist | Digital Project Manager – Johnny, graphic artist extraordinaire!!! and super cool guy!

Launi B & the B Family –  thank you for sharing your beautiful space(s) and assisting during our photoshoot. Your generosity is accepted with sincere gratitude. : )

Thank you to my team of experts – design engineers, focus groups and business development specialists.

In addition to my team of experts, I want to thank family and friends who have also given selflessly to supporting M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases. Thank you! – Jay M, Alexa M, Olivia M, Diane K, Brian G, Aryana S, Leanne Rae, P, Sylvia M, Trielle M (and for your photography), Brittaney M, Evelyn A, Launi B, Amanda B, Kerrie L, Kat L Cheris L, Sue C, Chelsea C, da girls – Alexa P, Sawyer E, Jensen P and Georgia F, Matti A, Stephanie Y, Sam Y, Clinton Y, Mathew F, Susan F, Erin J, Anita L, Greg  L, Connie S, Paola Y, Cathy B, classmates Tanzy and Victoria.



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