M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases

PRIDE MYO Cosmetic Case x @Iworelipstick

$99 USD

Reusable • Sanitize-able • Magnetic Makeup / Touch-Up Kit

ALL SALES FUNDS GO TO 'I Wore Lipstick' (IWL) @Iworelipsitck

When you think about who wears lipstick in the current era, women and the LGBTQIA community. You start to realize that lipstick wearers are all marginalized members in their own respective communities. From pay gaps to the right to use the restroom best suited for you, lipstick wearers face adversity on the daily! 

IWL was founded to advocate for this community. We work to create opportunity and foster safe places for the community to exist and thrive. We do this through community outreach, education, and events. 365 days a year IWL collects cosmetic & hygiene products to be donated to the organizations we support The Trans Wellness Center and The Covenant House.

With your Pro MYO Cosmetic Case YOU CAN:

  • personalize/customize a kit for your talent
  • reduce environmental exposure 
  • save precious & expensive production touch up time 
  • lighten your travel and set bags 

MYO HOLDS: metal pans, pencils and our magnetic MYO Makeup Pods hold everything from powders and creams to liquids and sponges for beauty, hair, and F/X. 

MATERIALS: FDA Compliant Food & Medical Grade - keeping your cosmetics hygienic and safe. Made in Canada, 90% Materials from North America. 

M·Y·O Pro-Kit™ comes complete with: 

  • 7 Transparent M·Y·O Makeup Pods™  (6 x 1.4g & 1 x 1.7g)
  • 2 M·Y·O Magnetic Divider Stick
  • 1 M·Y·O Double Ended Stainless Steel Makeup Spatula 
  • 1 M·Y·O Cosmetic Gasket - Black