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Press Release April 2019

Cosmoprof 2017 Official Show Pick Trendsetter | 2018 Oscars & Grammy’s

Make Up Artist Magazine
Issue #137 Art & Design Issue

MYO Cosmetic Cases is featured in Makeup Artist Magazine, article Meet the WOMEN behind the brands and shops changing the shape of the industry. 

M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases has been acknowledged by the prestigious Make-Up Artist Magazine as a “Women Owned Brand to Watch in 2019.” for their innovative and trailblazing products. The Future Is Female is a special section in the Magazine’s April 2019 issue and is dedicated to featuring women-owned brands, shops, and studios. M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases is “transforming the way artists do makeup” and is being used internationally on the sets of Supergirl, Salvation, The 100, Fosse/Verdon, The Good Doctor, Vikings, Sneaky Pete, Riverdale and more along with editorial shoots, fashion week, Broadway productions and beyond.

Make Up Artist Magazine
Issue #133, Products & Tools

MYO Cosmetic Cases is featured in Makeup Artist Magazine, the leading source for current industry information for makeup artists as a new Makeup Artist Tool. 

Find our feature in the Products and Tools Issue #133.

Cosmoprof North America
Las Vegas, NV

M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases received a coveted 2017 Trendsetter Award! Awarded by Maxine Tattonghari @vanitygirlhollywood

The largest B2B Beauty Show in the Americas: 3 days, 36,700+ attendees from 109 countries, 1278 exhibitors from 45 countries, 50,000+ products and only 110 Trendsetter Awards given out.

Blogger Reviews

MYO Cosmetic Case Is My Go-To Travel Companion

If you’ve been following me on social media the last couple of months, then you know that I’ve been traveling between islands quite frequently…  packing up everything you need for a week into one carry-on bag is one of the most difficult things to do.  Thanks to the MYO Cosmetic Case, I was able to take my necessities with me without a hassle.  I’m all about products that make life a breeze so today I’m gonna introduce you to the MYO Cosmetic Case… they are similar to your standard magnetic makeup palette but offer so much more.

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Magnetic makeup palettes got turned up ten fold with M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases!

Brand new to the market, this case offers a few different things that the more traditional magnet palette does not. One of the key differences, that appeals the most to me, is the addition of removable beauty pods. In both large and small sizes, these pods seal completely and are ideal for transporting your liquids and serums for when you only need a small amount for a few days. It’s definitely a space saver when you don’t have to travel with your full-sized bottles, and with travel restrictions, I am bordering on obsessed with these!

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M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ Review

The M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch is a stylish and easy way to make your own makeup palette! I think it’s perfect for travel. I love that it’s hard-shelled and snaps shut securely. I can feel confident that it will protect my products and allow me to take them with me with ease.

…Whenever I travel I always end up over packing when it comes to makeup and skincare. I have a ton of stuff, and a lot of it is in big, bulky packaging that’s not great for travel. The M-Y-O Cosmetic Clutch solves those problems, as it’s a stylish way to take your makeup on the go!

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An Empowered Approach to Makeup – M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases!

Can we agree that whomever invented the traditional makeup bag clearly had not planned on women jetting around from meetings, to events, a night at the bar or an impulsive weekend getaway?  Welcome to 2018; we are finally being liberated of the bulky, heavy, disorganized makeup bag of yesteryear. The M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ signals a new era in on-the-go beauty, offering convenience, customization, and quality, all with a space-saving, eco-conscious twist.

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MYO Cosmetic Clutch: The Perfect Palette  I  Review 

While I like all of my ZPalettes a lot, I have long sought something a bit more substantial (especially for travel). Therefore, from the moment that I opened my MYO Cosmetic Clutch, I was smitten,

The MYO Cosmetic Clutch, which is made in Canada, is constructed of recycled materials, and is 100% cruelty free. The company is very committed to sustainability, and to reduce their carbon foot print, and in fact they have partnered with the World Tree’s Carbon Offset Program to achieve this goal.

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2018 ‘EVERYONE WINS’ GIFT BAGS for Oscar Nominees

This year in the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags which are delivered to nominees in the Best Actor + ActressBest Supporting Actor + Actress and Best Director categories are some amazing products and gifts. This year’s lucky nominees like Timothée ChalametDenzel WashingtonMargot RobbieSaoirse RoninMeryl StreepWoody HarrelsonSam RockwellMary J. BligeAllison Janney and Octavia Spencer will be loving these amazing beauty products.

I do a lot of traveling and this is the perfect make up bag. M·Y·O Cosmetic Case is an all-in- one magnetic makeup clutch.  You put your makeup in these little magnetic containers and if you are in a car, on a subway or on a plane you can apply your makeup without having to worry about it spilling.  Digging in your make up bag looking for products and it is slim enough that it won’t take up any space in your bag.

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MYO Cosmetic Cases are Chic & Convenient  

What’s chic, convenient, and all over very classy? Why that would be the MYO Cosmetic Case which recently popped into my life. As an ardent makeup enthusiast, I was glad to give this versatile and portable magnetic makeup case a try.

Many if not most makeup users know about magnetic eyeshadow palettes, like the Z Palette. Magnetic makeup  palettes are so great for streamlining your makeup collection, especially when it comes to powder makeup products like eyeshadow and blush. The MYO Cosmetic Case takes the basic magnetic palette to a whole new level by adding a generous mirror and a depth that allows you to carry brushes, liners, flat sponges and so much more than just eyeshadow.

The MYO Cosmetic Case featured in this post was provided for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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You Won’t Believe What this M.Y.O. Cosmetic Clutch Can Hold!

We’ve reviewed tons of makeup palettes, and more than just a few makeup bags and clutches. Some let you personalize. However, we’ve never seen one that is quite as versatile as the  M.Y.O. Cosmetic Clutch.  M.Y.O is a chic, space-saving, travel-friendly makeup case that you customize with your own “must-have” products.  It is only about the size of an e-reader but you can pack a lot of product and beauty tools into it.

A Green Component. M.Y.O is mindful of the planet since it’s constructed from recyclable materials and encouraging the use of single pan products also reduces packaging waste.

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This M.Y.O Cosmetic Clutch is perfect…

This M.Y.O Cosmetic Clutch is perfect and a great way to keep all the makeup you use daily in one convenient place. It fits right in my purse and is sleek enough to not take up very much space. It is a great design and I love it.

Makeup Your Own or M·Y·O [mi-yo] is an innovative, woman-led company introducing  liberated  beauty solutions for the modern world. In today’s high-performance and personally demanding world, women don’t have the luxury of time to invest in lengthy beauty rituals. Between the overflowing “makeup drawer” and our bulky, disorganized makeup bags, our current beauty routines are slowing us down, rather than empowering us to be the unstoppable forces we are.

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M.Y.O Cosmetic Cases…what is it?

I am forever trying to find the best and most efficient way to transport my makeup while traveling, damn, even the best way to transport it for touch ups.  Ladies and dudes, I may have just found the answer to all of our problems, the M.Y.O Cosmetic Clutch!!

The extremely durable hard plastic clutch is made in Canada, by an innovative company led by women. I am thrilled to be able to help support a women led company, who have developed such a useful product.? The plastic that the case is made of is not only durable, but TSA approved and sustainable! A woman led AND environmentally conscious company.

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Oh mio M·Y·O – get your Cosmetic Clutch and Make Your Own

M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch came into my life at the perfect time. As I’ve often been mentioning I’m about to set sail on a 3 week journey.  The Beauty Pods hold a surprising amount of product. Between the two pods I’ll have enough foundation for my 3 week trip, ditto the cream blush.

What makes the M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ perfect is that it closes shut so well that you’ll have no fear of things breaking or of the clutch opening. It’s very sturdy while being attractive too. There’s a full size mirror that is of great quality. And M·Y·O has a secure sliding latch that makes it perfect for home, on-the-go, and travel.This takes magnetic cases to a new level and one that I’m excited to have in my life.

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