Incredibly versatile, our Eco M·Y·O Kit™ checks all the boxes — and then some! Your Zero Waste – Forever Case!

Incredibly versatile, our Eco M·Y·O Kit™ checks all the boxes — and then some! Your Zero Waste – Forever Case!

No bigger than a large cell phone, the Eco MYO Kit is a fully customizable magnetic cosmetic palette that safely stows makeup (both pan and regular), skincare products, makeup tools and accessories. We intentionally designed our cases to be crush-proof, leak-proof, and ensure that you never have an “oops-I-spilled-powder-all-over-my-purse” moment ever again!

Our space-saving design and limitless customization options means that your Eco MYO Kit can go with you everywhere and accommodate all your beauty products. Use it at home, then pop it into your purse for touch ups during the day (and night), and load it up with your cleanser, toner and moisturizer for an overnight trip or weekend getaway!

The Eco M·Y·O Kit comes complete with

1 x M·Y·O Cosmetic Circlet™
3 x M·Y·O Makeup Pods™ (2×1.4g, 1×1.7g)
2 x M·Y·O Divider Sticks™
1 x double-ended eyeshadow/brow brush (cruelty-free, pro quality)

*Patent Pending Features


“I’ve never seen one [makeup palette] that is as versatile as the Eco M·Y·O Kit. It’s a chic, space-saving and travel-friendly makeup case that you customize with your own ‘must-have’ products. A green component: M·Y·O is mindful of the planet since [the case is] constructed of recyclable [up-cyclable] materials, and encouraging the use of single pan products also reduces packaging waste.”

Jen Sky Walker
Laugh, Love & Contour

“I LOVE MY M.Y.O COSMETICS CASE! While it may seem like a normal magnetic makeup enclosure, that certainly is not the case. M·Y·O has created a product that is hardy enough to withstand the normal day-to-day travel abuse while still being modern and sexy. It closes securely and stays that way, but it still opens easily when YOU want it to. With the convenient magnetic Makeup Pods as the ultra-portable solution for liquid and cream products without the mess and added waste of pre-packaged minis, you have the makeup case of the future at your fingertips.”

“What’s chic, convenient, and all over very classy? Why, that would be the M.Y.O Cosmetic Case Everyday Kit. It takes the basic magnetic palette to a whole new level by adding a generous mirror and a depth that allows you to carry brushes, liners, flat sponges and so much more than just eyeshadow.”

M·Y·O Everyday Kit: FAQs

How big is the Eco MYO Kit?
It is the size of a large smartphone. The case’s interior size is 140mm x 90mm (5.5” x 3.5”).

What can I put in it?
Anything you want! Your Eco MYO Kit is yours to customize as you wish, and can be designed to hold whichever products you use most often: liquids, powders and creams, along with brushes and other beauty tools.

How much can I fit in it?
You will be surprised at how much you can fit in the Eco MYO Kit! For example, it can accommodate up to 15 pans of, for example, eyeshadow (27 mm or 1”, round or square), along with a M·Y·O double-ended eyeshadow brush. You can fit makeup of all varieties for your full face -pans, powders, creams, liners, tweezers, brushes and more. You’ll find that you can comfortably fit everything that you need for touch ups during the day and short overnight trips in this kit.

Take a look at this great infographic from on “beauty serving sizes”, which shows just how little product you actually need to use.

How can I clean it?
The case can be washed with a mild soap, water and soft cloth. Alternatively, you can sterilize it using rubbing alcohol. You can easily remove the M·Y·O Cosmetic Circlet, allowing you to give the kit a thorough cleaning. For cleaning the inside of your M·Y·O Makeup Pods, we recommend using a Q-tip. Note: To clean oil based makeup from M·Y·O Makeup Pods, soak in 99% alcohol and then sanitize with 70% alcohol or wash with soap and water.

Eco M.Y.O Everyday!

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