Professional Makeup Artists Love M·Y·O

The first of its kind, our M·Y·O Pro Kit is a revolutionary magnetic palette designed specifically with professional makeup artists in mind. With our Pro Kit in hand, MUAs (makeup artists) have everything they need at their fingertips, whether on set, at a photo shoot, or with a client. When used in combination with our proprietary M·Y·O Beauty Pods, our Pro Kits become a secret weapon for MUAs that takes their on-the-job efficiency to the next level.

Professional makeup artists rave about these Pro Kit features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Completely customizable
  • Crush-proof cases (because accidents always happen!)
  • Our magnetic design keeps the contents of your case safely anchored inside
  • A carefully designed, secure latch prevents openings if the case is dropped
  • Our M·Y·O Beauty Pods have a spill-proof seal to keep creams and liquids intact
  • Every Pro Kit comes with a M·Y·O Cosmetic Circlet™, which is an ergonomically designed pliable seal that prevents leaks and spills

As M·Y·O is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada (known as “Hollywood North”), we’ve met a number of top TV and film MUAs who love the efficiency that our Pro Kits provide. They can easily stow brushes, pencils, creams, powders, lipstick, liquid foundation and so much more. Because our cases offer endless customization options, makeup artists can even create individualized palettes for each actor, model or client they are working with. This allows them to be more efficient with makeup application and on-the-spot touch ups between takes, so they can get in and out of shots more quickly.

Professional makeup artists who work with brides and personal clients have told us that our kits are perfect for creating custom palettes that they can give to their clients. Brides love having it with them on their special day, and we’ve learned that they make great bridesmaid gifts too!

Currently, our Pro Kits are being used on the film sets of Supergirl, Salvation, Supernatural, The 100, Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Valley of the Boom, The Art of Racing in the Rain and Terminator 6…with many more to come!

We offer a discount program for professional makeup artists. If you’re interested in registering, please visit this page to submit your application.

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