No Matter What Business You’re In, Protecting the Environment is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Mission Statement: Our company’s foundation is built on our values of conducting our business in an environmentally, ethically and socially responsible manner. These values guide our actions and distinguish us.

Our Vision: Social Conscious Beauty –to revolutionize the way beauty routines are approached – at home, on-the-go, travel and for Pros. Our cases were created for consumers to not only be more efficient with their makeup – to rethink the way they do beauty!

M·Y·O Eco-design: A makeup case stylishly designed to be refillable and reusable, a quality to last and incorporate recyclable materials. Supporting a minimalistic approach to a makeup regime while accommodating multiple types of makeup increasing efficiency of use. Encourages the use of more eco-minded cosmetics, refill makeup pans, cutting down on cosmetic packaging. Ergonomically sized case and an ergonomic, hypoallergenic thumb grip gasket. Mindful of our consumers health, we source medical grade materials which are also recyclable. (Patents Pending)

M·Y·O Climate Focus: To have a minimal Carbon Footprint and consistently work towards being Carbon Positive, to work with local and co-sharing companies. Our product is Made in Canada, 15 minutes from our head office and we use an electric car for transportation.

Suppliers and Supply Chain: Our focus is to seek and support ethical suppliers to build our sustainable supply chain, suppliers who consider workers, community and environment in their decision-making models. We seek to purchase from local companies (local community and local North America) to reinvest local dollars into our communities. We look to purchase from underrepresented suppliers including female majority owned, we consider responsible suppliers offered by other B Corps or sustainable businesses and we source 90% of our product materials within North America.

Sustainable Procurement: The full life cycle of a product; specifically, the sustainability of materials, production, packaging, transportation and end-of-life recyclability / renewable energy are key elements for procurement consideration.

Circular Economy Business Model: Once our case reaches the end of its lifespan, we are committed to Taking Back our ‘Ready to Recycle’ cases and reusing the material to make new M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases. Working with our manufacturer, its components are cleaned, heated and remolded. The end of life for our cases is the start of life for another product! Any parts of the case that do not meet the ‘mold again’ criteria, will be responsibly recycled.

We are a committed social conscious company currently in the review process to become B Corp Certified. With a focus to become B Corp Certified we have policies in place built on the triple bottom line framework.

We are honoured to have been nominated for Small Business BC Awards for Best Community Impact. To acknowledge our diligence to create ‘a company that focuses on doing good’ please click the banner to VOTE for us. Voting ends Nov. 30th, 2018.


M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases are made of recyclable materials and to reduce environmental waste even further, encourages customers to purchase refillable makeup products that fit right into the M·Y·O Cases.

Our cases are designed to stand the test of time — to be used, reused and eventually recycled. A great deal of thought went into designing our M·Y·O Cosmetic Case with the focus of sustainability. Working with professional design engineers we methodically designed our case to ensure it can seamlessly be used with single refillable makeup products cutting out needless packaging and waste. To complement this, we created M·Y·O Makeup Pods, which are refillable magnetic containers for creams, lotions, powders and more. By purchasing our products, you’re making an eco-conscious life-style / work-style choice. Additionally, and as important, we focused on using medical and food grade materials to keep your makeup safe and hygienic.

M·Y·O stands for Quality, Sustainability and Style.

Take Back Program – an innovative eco-friendly recycling program.

At M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases we are committed to BUILDING A POSITIVE FUTURE WITH A CIRCULAR ECONOMY while reducing waste and our footprint on the environment. 

Most plastic packaging is used only once before being thrown away and the cosmetic industry is one of the largest contributors. We, at M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases, have committed to rethinking the way we use makeup and makeup packaging with an approach to ensure our product does not become this kind of waste.

Embracing a Circular Business Model, once our case reaches the end of its lifespan, we are committed to Taking our ‘Ready to Recycle’ cases Back and reusing the material to make new M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases. Working with our manufacturer, its components are cleaned, heated and remolded. The end of life for our cases is the start of life for another product!  Any parts of the case that do not meet the ‘mold again’ criteria, will be responsibly recycled.

Print, fill in this form and mail it back with your ‘Ready to Recycle’ M•Y•O Case. Once received, we will send you a discount code for $15 off your next purchase. If this program isn’t for you, we encourage you to source out your local recycling facility to responsibility dispose of your M·Y·O Cosmetic Case.

Investing in our future for positive Social and Environmental Impact.

M·Y·O’s Transportation is Electric!

Better for the environment

Less pollution: M·Y·O’s Electric car is 100 percent eco-friendly as it runs on electrically powered engines. It does not emit toxic gases or smoke in the environment. It is our aim to help to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. .

Eco-friendly materials: There is also a trend towards more eco-friendly production and materials for Electric Vehicles.

Health benefits

Reduced harmful exhaust emissions is good news for our health. Better air quality will lead to less health problems and costs caused by air pollution.Electric Vehicles are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution.

Our Manufacturing

Always mindful of our carbon footprint, we strive to utilize services and materials as close to home as possible. As a result, 90% of our sourcing and manufacturing is done within North America. We are pleased to work with a manufacturer in Vancouver, Canada that is ISO 13495:2016 certified for manufacturing medical materials. This manufacturer has environmentally responsible systems in place that include a recycling program for all unused materials, and a water filtration system that reuses water during the manufacturing process.

M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases wants to give back to the beauty of our world by offsetting our carbon footprint.

Mindful of our carbon footprint, our cases are made in Vancouver, Canada and we strive to utilize services and materials within North America.  We have also partnered with World Tree’s Carbon Offset Program supporting their mission to transform the planet by providing the Empress Splendor tree as a powerful solution to the world’s carbon footprint.

M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases Inc. is committed to purchase planting (a minimum of) 1 acre of Empress Splendor trees per year.  Empress Splendor trees are the fastest growing hardwood in the world and absorb 11 times more carbon than any other tree. Every acre of planted Empress Splendor trees offsets over 1000 tons of carbon (an individual’s carbon footprint for 50 years).

The amazing Empress Splendor, a sustainable lumber, (growing to maturity in only 10 years, re-grows 7 times over from it’s stump) absorbs 11 times more carbon than any other tree. Each M·Y·O Cosmetic Case sale contributes towards purchasing these amazing trees.

World Tree is planting and growing Empress Splendor trees using a network of experienced farmers to generate income and offset millions of tons of carbon in the process. Within just 10 years they can be harvested and sold for lumber. The profits from the sale of this valuable lumber will be shared with all the participants in the program including farmers and investors.  M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases will reinvest a portion of their profits to the World Tree’s Carbon Offset Program.

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