M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch



Pan Makeup Palette-Ready

Increasingly, cosmetic companies are offering palette-ready (single/refill) pan makeup products giving you greater purchase flexibility, the opportunity to customize your cosmetic choices, and reduces packaging waste. Many companies sell colour coordinated sets of palette-ready pan makeup. These palette-ready products pop right into your M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch – personalization to perfection!

The M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch can accommodate 15 standard size 27 mm or 1 in round, or square, pans plus our cruelty-free doubled ended eye shadow and brow makeup brush.

Types of Palette-Ready Pan Makeup:

EYES: Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Brows

FACE: Foundation, Highlighter, Concealer, Corrector, Sculpting, Contour, Blush, bronzer, Powder – sun, translucent, finish

LIPS: Lip Stick, Lip Gloss, Lip Shine, Lip Tint

De-pot Pan Makeup (up for a little DYI)

De-pot your favourite eye-shadows, blushes and more, to personalize your M·Y·O. Use only 1-2 colors in a cosmetic palette? De-pot your favourites and put them in your M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch. Similar to a well organized closet, put in a little effort and it makes your life instantly easier.

Fit more Makeup

M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch interior size is 140mm x 90mm or 5.5 in x 3.5 in allowing you to add your favorite makeup pencils, liners, brow definers and more. M·Y·O Beauty Pods offer the flexibility to take small amounts of your coveted creams, lotions, powders, extra pair of eyelashes, and more…

MYO Beauty Pods for Makeup & More...

Each M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch comes with ‘3′ M·Y·O Beauty Pods™: Securely sealing refillable M·Y·O Beauty Pods make it easier, safer, and more convenient than ever to carry lotions, creams, serums, and loose powders on-the-go. Perfect for travel, the gym, or touch-ups throughout the day, M·Y·O Beauty Pods™ cut down on waste by securing “just enough” product in a securely latched container that magnetically fits inside the M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases®.

  • holds standard amount of skincare products
  • use, wash and reuse
  • ​two ​sizes
  • ​air and water resistant seal
  • medical grade material – safe for your products
  • Additional ideas to fill: toothpaste, pills, mints, pan makeup size 26-27mm and 36mm, eyelashes, small earrings, endless possibilities!
Makeup Tools & Accessories

Your M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch accommodates a variety of makeup tools and accessories including makeup blenders, spatula, brushes, tweezers, singles of blotting papers, makeup remover, and more.

Add our double-sided silicone / sponge makeup blender as a multi-tasking tool to your M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch.  Please note: This product is an add-on only and must be purchased with a M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch.

M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™, use it anywhere… 

For Any Occasion 

With Your Favorite Brands

"I absolutely love the M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch! As a makeup artist and busy University student, I'm always looking for ways to simplify my makeup routine and keep my makeup organized. M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch offers flexibility in how I can organize my makeup not only for at home, for daily touch ups, after the gym, and even my weekend travels! I was tired of having to bring bottles of foundation, skincare and eyeshadow palettes; now I can use the M·Y·O beauty Pods! They are perfect for a realistic amount of skincare liquids and creams for my makeup regime.

As a makeup artist, I can create several different palettes using single shadows from various brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ulta, Sephora and more! The M·Y·O is the perfect size, it keeps my makeup safe and in a stylish compact case".

Aryana Saffari

Makeup Artist and Makeup Enthusiast

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