How to Depot

De-potting is the practice of removing a makeup product from it’s original container and placing it into a more practical packaging. De-potting enables you to combine all your favorite makeup brands into one easy-to-carry container – pare down your makeup bag while customizing a perfect-for-you palette.

Step 1

Use a hair dryer to melt the glue on the back of your favourite eye shadows, blush, etc.

Step 2

Use our special M·Y·O de-potting tool to lift the pod out of its packaging case.

*Note: If your pan makeup cracks or breaks, spray it with rubbing alcohol, press, let dry and it’s a good as new. If there is glue on the bottom of the pan, use rubbing alcohol to loosen the glue and rub it off.

Step 3

Most single refills are already magnetic. For those that are not, you may use the magnetic sticker and adhere to the back of the pod. Voila, you can now re-arrange your pods in your M·Y·O case.

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