How many products will fit in my M·Y·O Cosmetic Case?






M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases are the size of a large smartphone and can accommodate approximately 15 pan of eye shadow (27 mm or 1 in round or square), along with a M·Y·O Double Ended Eye Shadow Brush. Of course, M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases are yours to customize as you wish and can be designed to hold whichever products you use most often, including liquids, powders and creams using the M·Y·O Beauty Pods. Interior size of case: 140mm x 90mm or 5.5 in x 3.5 in.

Where can I buy palette-ready [pan] cosmetics that fit in a M·Y·O Cosmetic Case?





More and more, popular cosmetic brands are going green and selling ‘single’ or ‘refill’ versions of women’s favourite products without all the extra packaging. You can download this palette-ready makeup PDF file that lists many of these companies.




What if my pans are not magnetic?





Magnetic stickers are available, which can be attached to the bottom of your existing makeup pans so they fit nicely in your customized M·Y·O Cosmetic Case.


How do I de-pot my existing pan makeup to fit in my M·Y·O Cosmetic Case?


Using the M·Y·O De-Potting Tool, you can easily transfer your existing makeup pans to your M·Y·O Cosmetic Case. Learn to de-pot.


How do I care for my M·Y·O Cosmetic Case and Beauty Pods?


Your M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch is made with durable material that can easily be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

M·Y·O Cosmetic Circlet and M·Y·O Beauty Pods: Wash with soap and water. Tip: A Q-tip assists to clean the inside of your M·Y·O Beauty Pods.



Will you be offering other colours?

Right now we only offer the case in classic black and the circlets in black, silver, fuchsia, and turquoise. We plan to add more colors in the future. Send us a note to let us know what colors you’d prefer.

Will my M·Y·O Cosmetic Case and M·Y·O Beauty Pods hold enough product?


We offer this infographic, by MAKEUP.COM, to show you just how much skincare and makeup you actually need. You’ll find that your M·Y·O Cosmetic Case and M·Y·O Beauty Pods can comfortably hold all you need for touch ups during the day or short overnight trips. Bonus! standard size round makeup pans will fit into M·Y·O Beauty Pods.



How long will makeup products stay fresh in my M·Y·O Beauty Pods?



Securely sealing M·Y·O Beauty Pods, air & moisture resistant, make it easier, safer, and more convenient than ever to carry lotions, creams, serums, loose powders and more… on-the-go. They are the sized to secure ‘just enough’ product for touch ups, overnights or a weekend away. The pods are sized host small amounts of product with the intention to keep your them fresh.


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