M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases

XXL Makeup Pod (no pan)

$4 USD

M·Y·O Makeup Pod™ for De-potting: (the original)  If you will be storing pressed pan makeup in your XXL Makeup Pod, please note it has a plastic bump inside the bottom which you will have to file to store your pressed pan makeup - view the video. (Electric Nail file or Dremel file works great)

Secure sealing and refillable 'transparent' M·Y·O Makeup Pods assist to instantly and always see what product is in each of your pods. Or, put a small amount of powder on a Powder Puff and you're ready to de-shine anytime. Pop in a few cotton pads, bobby pins, earrings, the possibilities are endless. Your XXL Makeup Pod magnetically fits inside our Black and Transparent Lid Pro Touch Up Cases. 

  • Clean: Soap & Water / 99% Alcohol
  • Sanitize: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Disinfect: such as Barbicide/Lucas-cide/Force of Nature
  • If using an oil based product, drop a small amount of 99% alcohol inside your Makeup Pod, soak, wipe clean and then sterilize with 70% alcohol
  • FDA, RoHS and REACH compliant, BPA and Leach Free
  • ​Air and water resistant seal
  • Recyclable material #5 
  • Holds 58mm round pans

For de-potting, also see our 44mm round de-potting metal stickers.