About M·Y·O’s Founder: Suzanne Carter

In 2016, Suzanne Carter founded M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases® with a vision to modernize, personalize and revolutionize the way women do beauty. Her award-winning cosmetic cases represent a new era in “on-the-go” beauty, offering a combination of convenience, versatility and quality.

With 20 years of experience in business development and corporate training, Suzanne was a sought after consultant. Companies relied on her expertise to help them increase productivity and save time, money and resources. Without a doubt, Suzanne’s specialty was efficiency. But when it came to her daily beauty routine, she found herself constantly frustrated by her overflowing makeup drawer and bulky makeup bag.

Photo of Suzanne

I started asking friends and women I knew about their makeup routine, and learned that many of them had experienced the same challenges I did when trying to put together a tidy and usable makeup bag. So I did some research and discovered that even with so many innovative beauty products on the market, not a single cosmetic case existed that met the needs of today’s modern superwomen who carry their makeup bags everywhere. Imagine my surprise. And, in my research I also found opportunities to improve the efficiency of professional makeup artists. After this realization, I focused my attention on finding the perfect solution — and not too long after, the M·Y·O Cosmetic Case was born!

— Suzanne Carter

Working in collaboration with groups of millennial women with go-everywhere, do-everything lifestyles AND professional award winning makeup artists, our cases were designed by our customers. The M·Y·O [M·Y·O Makeup Your Own] Cosmetic Clutch Kit and Pro Kit is a fully customizable magnetic cosmetic palette, that safely stows makeup, both regular and pan, makeup accessories, and in our proprietary M·Y·O Beauty Pods, liquid makeup. skincare products and more.

The M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch Kit, and Pro-Kit, signals a new era in “on-the-go” beauty, and “on-the-job” efficiency for Makeup Artists.

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