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Makeup Your Own or M·Y·O [mi-yo] is an innovative, woman-led company introducing  liberated  beauty solutions for the modern world.

In today’s high-performance and personally demanding world, women don’t have the luxury of time to invest in lengthy beauty rituals. Between the overflowing “makeup drawer” and our bulky, disorganized makeup bags, our current beauty routines are slowing us down, rather than empowering us to be the unstoppable forces we are. It’s time for an update…

No bigger than a large cellphone, M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ introduces a unique space-saving design that supports the “go-everywhere” attitude of today. This all-in-one magnetic makeup clutch offers a more reliable, streamlined, travel-friendly, and sustainably-minded cosmetic solution, allowing you to completely customize your on-the-go beauty selections like never before.

Designed with the flexibility to include both pan and regular makeup, makeup accessories, and skin care, each minute feature of the clutch has been thoughtfully tested and considered to ensure high-performance and protection.  Whether used for touch-ups between meetings, a trip to the gym, or a last-minute weekend getaway, M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch was designed in full support of the do-it-all women of today.

See how it works!  Proudly designed and made in beautiful Vancouver, BC, CANADA.

Photo of Suzanne

Meet the Founder

Suzanne Carter founded M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases® with a vision to modernize, personalize, and even revolutionize the way women do beauty. Her multifaceted and award-winning cosmetic clutch signals a new era in “on-the-go” beauty, offering a fresh caliber of convenience, customization, and quality, all with a space-saving, eco-conscious twist.

With a background in Corporate Training and Business Development, Suzanne spent 20-years as a sought-after consultant. Her specialty: assisting businesses to increase efficiencies by ultimately saving time, money, and resources. However, when it came to Suzanne’s daily beauty routine, both at home and on-the-go, she was constantly frustrated with her overflowing makeup drawer and bulky makeup bag, as neither were effective or efficient. Realizing this was a common makeup conundrum for many modern women, she uncovered a major gap in the cosmetic industry: there had yet to be a cosmetic case designed for the millions of women traveling back and forth to meetings, high-profile events, weekend getaways, and of course, weekly brunch with the girls. Our relationships with cosmetics were in need of a major 21st century makeover…


Why M·Y·O

In an effort to unburden women from the shackles of their over-stuffed and messy makeup drawers and bags, Suzanne sought an updated solution that would provide easy access to the beauty essentials needed, without weighing women down… or spilling all over the interior of their beloved handbags. She understood the modern woman would require a multifaceted cosmetic solution that was reliable, high-quality, customizable, convenient, sturdy and sustainably-minded. Unable to find a case that met all of this criteria, Suzanne left the corporate world behind. Pooling her extensive business experience and channeling her creative and entrepreneurial spirit, she blazed a fresh trail as a beauty thought leader and business owner.

Working with a professional team of researchers, top design engineers, makeup artists, cosmetic company owners, and target focus groups of millennial women, Suzanne was able to confirm that indeed, she was not alone in her desire for a more streamlined and customizable cosmetic solution. In 2017, she began the premium beauty brand M·Y·O (Makeup Your Own) Cosmetic Cases and launched a first-of-its-class beauty case for the liberated woman: M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch. In just a few short months, her empowered approach to cosmetics gained the brand national attention, earning the M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch one of only 100 Cosmoprof North America Trendsetter Awards.

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